Spice Blends

Prairie  The Alberta Steak Blend! It is a fresh, mix and zesty combination of chillies, peppers and other secret 
ingredients. You open it ..and you will enjoy the smell and colour of all the herbs and spices. Perfect for dips or to round up a great Alberta Steak from Western Canada. Pure Western feeling. Get a great BBQ evening for  your guests. 

Nitro    Is hot and spicy with a hint of lemon peel and real honey.  Perfect for Latin styled dish…..or whatever 
comes to mind! Just right for your next time you want chicken wings. It can be used for so much more, discover the secret of this blend.

Classic  Was created forty years ago, when Siggy reintroduced the Bison to Canada. This classical blend 
finishes any dish made with Bison. The 50 secret ingredients are a combination of opposite flavours and together a discovery of taste.
Fusion    A light italian styled beefrub with thym, rosmary and chunks of tasteful onions and other 
mediterranean ingredients. It is for to finishing a beautiful roast for a great dinner with a glass of red wine in the winter times, when the snowfall comes and you dinning on your fire place. Or just to finish a gravy.