Personal Message

To whom it may concern!

I would like to express at first my greatest thank you to everyone who is taking the time to read and surf this web page. What you see and read here began in 2005 when I came to Canada and landed late one night in Calgary. I lived and worked in Banff as a chef and fell in love with Alberta and Canada and decided to apply for permanent residence. As fate would have it, I came to Edmonton and stayed with someone who shared with me all these great recipes..

I tried to not change much; I updated the packaging and created a new look for these timeless flavours. My greatest dreams is that many people catch the flavour of Chef Siggy's.

That's why I am asking you to support to get "Chef Siggy's" into the little corner store in your neighbourhood, just to your neighbour or wherever you can imagine people would be interest to see the product.


Christian Wolff
Spruce Grove, Alberta