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Black Pepper 33

Black pepper can be added to almost any savoury dish imaginable but surprisingly, it can also be added to sweet biscuits and cakes in order to spice them up and add a quirky twist.

Coarse Black Pepper Sieve count 33

  • Add to salad dressings with salt, olive oil and cider vinegar.
  • Add to omelettes, egg mayonnaise and other cheese and egg dishes.
  • Black pepper can be added to strawberries or pineapple.
  • It can be added to soups, stocks, sauces, marinades and stews.
  • Use to flavour homemade hamburgers, rissoles and sausages.
  • Use to rub onto meats, poultry and fish before roasting or cooking.
  • Use to make pepper sauce.
  • Add to biscuit mixtures for spicy sweet biscuits.
  • Season seafood with black pepper.
  • Add to mashed potato.
  • Use to flavour dips, salsas and cold sauces. 

500g Pail / Bag
1kg Pail / Bag
10kg Pail / Bag


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