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Rosemary Officinalis

Rosemary is typically used as a seasoning for lamb and pork dishes but there are also plenty of other wonderful possibilities on how to cook with rosemary. Below are a number of ideas.


  • Use to make homemade stuffing.
  • Add to soups to flavour.
  • Mix with garlic and use as a seasoning for lamb or chicken.
  • Add to melted butter and pour over boiled potatoes and vegetables.
  • Add chopped rosemary to an omelette, scrambled eggs or a frittata.
  • Wrap rosemary leaves around pieces of chicken, pork or lamb and roast.
  • Use to season roast fish.
  • Add to tomato-based sauces and soups.
  • Add to olive oil and served on toasted bread.
  • Use to flavour homemade breads and biscuits.
  • Add to lentils, beans or stews.

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